Furnace Glass



Glass blowing, “furnace glass”, or “traditional” glasswork is easily the most recognized use of glass as an art medium. This method begins by using steel rods to gather molten glass from a furnace that is nearly 2000 degrees! Traditional glass artists then use techniques that include introducing air into the glass (which is where the term glass blowing comes from), cutting and stretching the glass, rolling the glass, even sometimes swinging the glass! These artists must work deftly to maintain the heat of the glass by reintroducing it to a high heat source (nicknamed the Glory Hole) or the glass will fracture with the rapid temperature drop. Glass blowing may seem like a challenge, but with the guidance of our expert teachers, you too can create a beautiful work of traditional glasswork. Check the gallery below to see what beginners just like you have created with the wonderful medium of glass!

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